Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 3

Monday 28 May, 2007

Monday 21 May 2007
Well, Lordy me! Super Coach Steve has emailed us his expected weekly training schedule. Weight session x 3, Cardio session x 2, on water training with the team @ 3 times a week and one more additional "on-water" session. I wonder...does going out on Scottfree count as an "on-water" session? So, dear reader, doing the math indicates that training is now 7 days a week with two sessions per day on two days. (sigh) There is a compulsory "Drugs in Sport" seminar being presented by Ron Clarke (is it THE Ron Clarke, I hope so), a compulsory training camp being held over 3 days at the end of July (which takes in my birthday-oh joy!) at Myall Lakes and finally, we are expected to move into Penrith Panthers 2 days before competition in September and stay there for the duration. Now, they're scaring me.....

However, off to gym after work for another attempt at the 20 min/4km. I'm trying another tactic. I run 20 mins and see how far I get. Tonight, 3.54km and then a weights session (arms and legs)

Tuesday 22 May
Well, winter has arrived, snow fell on our Alps overnight and the wind is blowing straight off them. And out come the winter 'fashions'. There are stripes, tights, spray jackets, beanies, wetsuits and generally a lot of moaning. We take out two boats with the mixed crews again and put in a good session, still working on technique and basic timing. Off the water by 8.10pm

Wednesday 23 May 2007
An hour with Mistress Penny, weight work on the legs and then into the pool for ½ hour.

Return to the gym in the afternoon and run 3.81kms in 20 mins (getting closer..)

Thursday 24 May 2007
An hour with Mistress Penny doing very heavy weights on the chest and arms.

On the water again at Pyrmont. We're starting to up the ante and paddling at a rate of 65 strokes per minute. Water temperature is dropping but no wind tonight so more bearable. I have earned myself a reputation as a "splasher". Meaning that the poor bugger in front of me is drenched and dripping at the end of the session, you can imagine how much that endears me to people in the dark and cold.

Saturday 26 May 2007
Pyrmont and its FREEZING! 2 hours on the water using the sea anchor again, paddling in a full Womens crew. Its pretty busy out on Blackwattle Bay with dragon boats, outrigger canoes and several rowing sculls. Off the water and straight to Akuna Bay for my additional "on-water" session with Scott on Scottfree. We had a great raft up with some other members and the weather was BRILLIANT