Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Kim's Diary - Week 2

Monday 21 May, 2007

Monday 14 May

Off to the gym to try again for the 20 min 4 km. Well, the treadmill thingy turns off after 20 mins, shuts down, stops, comes to a grinding halt. !@#$%^&* I was so close to 4 kms but now I'll never know, back to the drawing board.

Boxing with Bow again for 1 hour. May I recommend boxing for anyone with high stress levels, it provides excellent therapy but don't box with my friend, Bow, she can sure throw a punch. I found out the hard way. My dentist advises me that I should make a full recovery.

Tuesday 15 May

6.30pm Pyrmont
Paddling at a slow rate, still working on technique and getting to know our team members. We train right in front of the Mega Yacht facility at Blackwattle Bay. I quite enjoy the close quarters look at the super yachts we can get as we glide past in the dark. (Memo to self:: must work harder) Temperature at night is very pleasant (still!) When will the dream end?

Wednesday 16 May 2007
6.30am 1 hour with Mistress Penny and Bow (arms and abs) Oh, did I mention that this is only for next 15 weeks. The World Titles are 19-23 Sept 2007.

Thursday 17 May
6.30pm Pyrmont
The dream continues, another mild and calm night. Our coaches split the teams each night based on weight and gender. We take out two boats each session with a mix of men and women. We played 'leap frog' with the boats tonight, one boat paddling at 35 strokes/minute the other boat overtaking at 50 strokes/minute. Then 10 minutes at 50 strokes, stop and swap sides and paddle using our other arm for another 10 mins at 50 strokes. This exercise started to sort the fit from the unfit. Thank you Mistress Penny. Off the water by 8.15pm

Saturday 19th
7.30am Rose Bay
Another perfect day, out with the sea anchor for more resistance training for an hour. Then back to shore for a quick change of clothes and then boxing and running for another hour. This sort of training is sorting out the men from the boys. Some of the ladies are quite strong but have little aerobic fitness. We need to work on this as a team.

I spent the weekend on the boat at Akuna Bay and faced down the alcohol challenge ONCE again!!