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Pure Seal - a further update (David Bornstein)

Saturday 17 February, 2007

I have just received a brand new batch of test patches for the pureseal antifouling product. This seems to be a very different proposition to the first batch I received. The material is a silver/grey colour and is much harder than the original pureseal. I believe that this product is called "praesidium". It has the feel of a silicone coating

At present I have been supplied two aluminium panels fully coated. I have scraped off a corner of one of them to act as a control. It is quite difficult to scrape off but not impossible. They will go into the water at my berth at Bobbin Head on 3/2/07 and I will keep members up to date on the outcome. The product is reputed to have all the advantages noted in my earlier articles last year on the product.

The supplier, Southern Seas Marine in Queensland tell me that they are not stocking it as yet (after their last dismal experience) but have many samples out for test. They inform that they have so far got good results over a period of 5 months to date. We shall see!

They are sending me a copy of the material safety data sheets, and these will be published here as well.

I would be ecstatic if it performs as planned. Multi year protection and no toxicity!