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New Product for TEAK DECKS (by David Bornstein)

Tuesday 13 February, 2007

Sika, the manufacturer of the black caulking seen on the vast majority of teak decks, has introduced a premium teak deck oil.

The product is not compatible with "Teak Wonder" which is a silicone based product. If you want to convert, then a sanding is appropriate, but it is worth it!

I have previously used a teak oil and was disappointed with the result. Then I graduated to Teak Wonder which I have been using for some years. Relatively recently, the shipwrights at Bobbin Head have been using Sika teak oil. I observed other boats for at least 6 months before committing to the change over.

The results are nothing short of striking. The oil is compatible with the caulking and does not soften it as can happen with other brands. The oil itself is very light in colour and when used on new teak or sanded teak, requires about 3 to 4 coats. The number depends on your personal colour preference. After this, though, upkeep is extremely easy. It takes 24 hours to dry, and then is still slightly sticky, but this goes away after about a week, especially after a wash down or two. On marlin boards, the product is also very good but does not seem to last as long and this means slightly more frequent recoating. It is UV stable. If you have new teak, then I would recommend that the first thing you do is coat it with this product. No preparation required!

From my observation of other boats in the marina, up to six months can be obtained before recoating, but if you want your deck looking spiffy all the time then keep an eagle eye out and at the very first signs of weathering, all you do is wash the deck with water, let it dry fully, and then wipe on the oil with a cloth.

A deep honey colour is achieved which is very striking! The product comes in 1 liter containers and goes a long way indeed. I recoated my deck and used only a third of a bottle. This was on just the cockpit floor of my 43 Riv. It was a special order through the usual outlets but the total cost of the bottle was under $30.

David Bornstein
Riviera 43 "Sublime"