Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Trip Report - October 2006 Long Weekend

Thursday 05 October, 2006

Akuna Bay to Sydney Harbour and Return

Attending Families/Friends: Taylors/Buddens/Rolfes/Stokes/McLarens/Bornsteins/Bradleys/Franklins.

Late withdrawal: Jo and Ted Caistor after the sad passing away of Jo's Dad.

Very late withdrawal: The Smiths after realizing how bad the seas were on Saturday. (Steve probably thought we really would "adjust" his mast by 5 metres to ensure he got under the Pyrmont Bridge!)

Well, after many emails and a lot of pent up desire to head out to sea we did. Saturday morning arrived and almost everyone was on time. Just after the Franklins finished fueling up we headed off from Akuna, duly reported in to the Coast Guard at Cottage Point and joined up with the Bornsteins at Barrenjoey after they decided on an early start to the weekend with Friday evening at The Basin.

Just off Barrenjoey, whilst during a radio check with the Coast Guard, the first of our "challenges" became apparent when a couple of the group decided to high-tail it to Sydney leaving others in their wake.

Meanwhile some others (er, moi?) who had decided to travel down without clears on fronted a 20-25 knot sou'easter with 2 plus meter seas. Guess who got wet! Very, very wet!

We finally ended up at our destination of Darling Harbour to be met by the early runners and the Rolfes who came down the night before. And we were also met by a very drenched owner of a Riv from Newport who fell in whilst trying to assist one of our members into their berth at Darling Harbour. Later on we also saw Milan and Michelle who were unexpected down at the Marina.

On arrival at Darling Harbour a few needed some resuscitation so joined the Taylors on their new Riv 400 for drinks - what a surprise. After seeing the Swans losing by a point we headed off for a great dinner at Chinta Ria. 22 in all for dinner was not too bad. The food was outstanding - but wait for the credit card statements which will show we were at the "Temple of Love".

After dinner entertainment could have been provided to those who were awake by the couple behind our boat who were - what can I say - "coupling" on the deck. (I could go on with that, couldn't I?) Anyway I am led to believe it was quite a spectacle, even enjoyed by the police!

After a leisurely breakfast the Taylors, McLarens and Franklins headed off on a tourist trip around the southern shores of Sydney Harbour. Commentator Bob Taylor was somewhat relieved when we suggested heading off to Sugarloaf Bay where, much to our disappointment, we found the place like George Street at 8.00am. And to boot the wind was up! So we headed off to Bantry Bay where, after a while, the McLarens and guests decided that an overnight mooring at Refuge was better than an anchorage at Bantry. Little did they know they would take so long battling the nor'easter from Long Reef to Barrenjoey that the Coast Guard called on the mobile just to check all was ok. Oh! - and those who came up early Monday morning did so on a sea almost as flat as glass and with pods of dolphins as company.

More trips - shorter and longer - will provide the members with some great experiences on the water as well as some great opportunities to do what we do best - enjoy life! Cheers.

Mike M