Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Pureseal antifouling - a new trial will begin shortly

Monday 17 July, 2006

Since my last publication, there has been a lot of to and fro-ing with the local distributor. My test panels have been a total failure and it as if NO coating was applied at all.

I am now told that the product was modified by the addition of UV stabilizers for the Australian market that caused the product to fail.

I have been informed that in about 4 weeks I can expect to receive further samples for testing. I have still received no comment from the UK based manufacturer at all. It should be noted that they have been taken over by a new crowd, who have put the product on test, and indeed the Manor Boat web site lists the product at zero pounds, which, I assume, means that they have it off the market.

I have committed to test the product again, keep the distributor informed as to results, and publish those results here and in "Afloat". I have committed to being totally honest and this includes a ringing endorsement if justified.

It should be noted that if the product were to perform according to the advertisements, this would be the "holy grail" of anti-fouling for us long suffering consuming boaties. This is the reason that I am keeping up with the product in hopes of it actually working out as claimed.

Can be applied to ALL surfaces, improves boat speed and fuel efficiency and does NOT require recoating for many seasons, if not permanently, after application. It also shields metal surfaces from galvanic corrosion. High speed, low speed, mostly in berth, props, rudders, timber, glass, aluminium, steel or any combination can be coated (if it follows the claimed specs).

David Bornstein