Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Barry & Marcia try sailing

Monday 19 June, 2006

Well they say a picture tells a thousand words or something like that, which helps because I am not great at stringing two words together but I couldn't let such a great boating day go by without firstly a big thank you to the Skipper and First Mate (also known as the Commodore of the Akuna Bay Cruising Club and his highly qualified wife Kim) for a sailing experience to remember.

It was the morning after a great impromptu get together at the Akuna Cafe when once again the Commodore suggested that he and the Treasurer should sail away into the blue yonder (read into that what you like) or it could have been that Stephen and Kim just asked us (Marcia and Barry, stink boat owners on H arm) whether we would like a real boating experience for the umpteenth time.

This time we were feeling up to it and along with our favourite jackets boarded "Banyandah II", put on our sailing gloves (supplied of course) and just tried not to get in the way. Oh wait a minute that was me. Barry on the other hand was firmly positioned behind the wheel (well one of them anyway, they have two, which I thought has got to be a bonus) and took off with a big smile on his face. As you can see by the photo that didn't last long. Barry's the one in the photo that looks like he has sat on something that shouldn't be there. I think his problem was for one that when the sails went up and the enngine was turned off that we didn't go very fast, well not at all actually, due to the wind or lack of it. When we did go motoring along, which did eventually happen and I mean without one (motor that is) he found that merely shifting his body weight was not going to help the situation that arose to stay in control and miss the oncoming yacht race that we found ourselves a part of. Barry, at the helm at the time, had a blow out but he's done that before so I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. As you can tell by my face I had a blast and felt quite confident with Stephen and Kim's handling even when the "hold on, this is not good" talk started during a few huge gusts of wind coming from the wrong direction or something.

To me it was obvious that this must have happened before but Barry still kept leaning heavily the other way and insisted it was time for someone else to take over the wheel and you guessed it, it wasn't going to be me. As you may have caught on by now my sailing terminology and understanding is not good but if you're after an exhilarating fun time, grab your nearest sailing friend and give it a go.
I personally found comfort in the small keg of beer that I made a huge hole in when we had returned to the Marina that was tucked away on board, helping to accompany the great food from the hamper that Bob and Margaret Taylor (positioned on the right of the photo with Kim in between) won from "As You Like it Catering". Did I mention this was even after they (including Mike, Secretary ABCC and Wendy McLaren positioned front and centre), had already enjoyed a meal from this fabulous hamper. Just a great day, thanks again everyone ... from your happy little sailing along Treasurer, Marcia.