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Pure Seal - BIG disappointment!

Sunday 18 June, 2006

By David Bornstein

Following my original article, it now seems that things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

After only two months in the water, I have to report a total failure of antifouling activity with the above product. Fine algae did come off, but that was all. Growing on the material was branching algae, which was firmly rooted in the material. When I pulled on one of these pieces, a plug of the material came away with it.

Just this past week, Keith Turner received an e-mail from America enclosing photographs of a boat that had been coated with this material at about the same time as my samples went into the water. The photographs showed a boat heavily coated in Barnacles.

The manufacturer's web site has now withdrawn the product from sale and apparently a new company has purchased the business. They indicated that they are conducting proper trials of the material and hope to have it back on the market once their trials are complete.

I have written to the local distributor enclosing the various photographs of both my samples and the boat above. I have also written to the Afloat magazine, who have indicated that they will not publish further advertisements for this product and that they will be contacting the local distributor next week.

I have placed my samples back into the water to see what will happen over the next few months but I have no doubt that the product will fail completely.