Akuna Bay Cruising Club

That Sinking Feeling!

The boats tied up at the lunch at Peats Bite, 12 April, 2003 © ABCC 2003

The boats tied up at the lunch at Peats Bite, 12 April, 2003

Wednesday 14 May, 2003

Wow, what a lunch! Peat's Bite once again excelled itself. Tammy entertained us with her country and romantic songs, and daughter Tanya led the troops in the kitchen producing five courses of very good food. Everyone appreciated Rod's efforts at last in improving the marina.

The Akuna Bay Cruising Club almost took over the place, with thirteen boats making the trip. The weather was perfect, company great and there were so many birthdays to celebrate. Happy Birthday was certainly the theme of the day.

Twelve of these boats stayed overnight, when more drinks and socialising took place. Past Commodore Frank shoes his pyjamas to set the tone for the evening drinks. Commodore Keith was going to show a video on his new flat screen, but unfortunately it would'nt operate. So socialising resumed into the night, with many exchanges about god boating experiences.

The thrill of the day after lunch was the group photograph organised by the world's best photographer. Unfortunately due to so much consumption of food and wine, the whole group (43 people lined up along the ramp and the pontoon) caused the pontoon to start sinking, to everyone's horror.

However all in all, it was a most enjoyable day and everyone had fun, fun, fun. It was also a good opportunity to meet new club members.

PS: The Gardner's have somewhat of a reputation for falling into the water. As MV Viende departed for home, Frank in attempting to bring in a fender, inadvertently wedged the ABCC cap he was wearing between the side clears. In withdrawing his head, the cap promptly fell overboard. Janet in her usual fashion panicked but one again the boat hook came into the rescue.

Frank Gardner