Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - Welcome to 2006

Monday 02 January, 2006

Well I hope you all had a very happy and safe Christmas and that 2005 was good to you. I wish you and yours a happy coming 2006. It seems that as we get older we get busier and that our lives either retired or working seem to get more complicated. I know for my case the years just seem to get shorter and that the year end is so cramped with family and business that it is hard to draw breath. Thank goodness for the solitude of our boat and the friends we have associated with the boat. The combination of boat family and friends seems to make it all worth it.

Well we had a number of very successful events at the close of 2005. A glimpse of the photo gallery bears witness to this. On Saturday the 28th we will be holding our Australia day celebration and on the 18th February we have the annual beach ball which has a Woodstock theme. See the coming events section for more details. For those of you who have not been to some of our functions I highly recommend them, they just add so much to the enjoyment of the boats.

A small number of members joined the New Years celebration at the upstairs restaurant on New Years Eve. I know a lot of members who attended this event last year were very disappointed. Kim and I attended this year and we felt the new caterer certainly did a great job. The food was sensational and the band very good. Really the only thing that lacked was the small size of the crowd. The caterer had a good chat with us and intends opening up for random events for us. I will be talking more with them on this.

However our organised functions are only a part of the Akuna Bay scene. With the mad season over we seem to have more time for the boats. We have arm parties and just gatherings of members on an add hock basis that are just as much fun. If you see a group of boats flying the flag please yell out and make your self known. There is a strong rumour that the restaurant will be opening on Friday nights on a reasonably regular basis which will be good. I am trying to find out more details of this and we will advise when confirmed.

It was good to see and meet with many of the clubs members over the holiday season both on the water and at other events. We had a number of different groups aboard "Banyanda II" as well as us going onto many other club members' boats. The hospitality of our members is always a pleasure.

As I do a bit of entertaining on my boat during the week when we have what we call "strategy sessions" (a new name for an excuse for going for a sail) I welcome the availability of the hampers from Akuna bay as they make it a snack (pardon the pun) to cater for an outing on the water.