Akuna Bay Cruising Club

"New Commodore's" Message

Monday 05 September, 2005

Firstly let me thank the members for entrusting the running of the club to the new committee and special thanks to Keith, Jenny, Harry and Jill and indeed all of the outgoing committee for a job well done.

How about the AGM on Sydney Harbour last week? Well done! I think you would agree that was one of the highlights of the year and epitomises why our club is such a good thing. Great friends, good yarns a bit of teasing, some knowledge gained and boats into the bargain. And on a sail boat at that! Many groups of our members went off to various other venues and continued the fellowship well into the night, indicating just how strong some of the friendships amongst our club members are.

I guess that we all join the club for various reasons with the one common thing boats. Our children believe that Kim and I are tragics with our boat. Apart from the odd work or family function we are always on our boat enjoying what some of our visitor friends would call our fantastic back yard that is the Hawkesbury river system with its beautiful bays and close by destinations that would be the envy of any one being stranded on a deserted island yet only some miles away from of the worlds' great cities.

Whether you join the club to meet friends, or just to be part of a boating club, to come and learn from the others, or just to gain use of the moorings. Whatever your motivation please try and get involved. Our committee will be organising the traditional activities as well as some new ideas that we have been talking about. We will be outlining these over the coming months. What we are trying to do is to cater for all of the members and would welcome feedback, help and comment. The club is having its first gathering of the club for the new season on Friday night the 9th of September with a BBQ at the upstairs' rooms from about 6.30pm till late. We will provide the BBQ but please bring your own BBQ food and drink. We will be having a short meeting but with mainly boat talk.

How about this boating we have at Akuna Bay? Firstly there's the anticipation of the coming weekend, the planning, the buying of food, the ringing and texting of friends to see who will be going down and what they are going to be doing. Then there's the rush (in our case) to get down there, get the boat loaded and maybe a drink on the way past the neighbours. And for us as sailors what's the wind going to be like. Then the big moment and we are off for a weekend amongst the beautiful scenery of our base. The wild flowers and the new green growth and watching the new starters to boating heading of in anticipation of a great adventure all make up for a weekend that in our opinion is second to none. We usually go for a long sail and then head into one of the many secluded or not so secluded places for the night. Almost as soon as it started its late afternoon, the preparation of the happy hour and the little rubber ducks fussing around the bigger boats with us watching to see if anyone falls in. Then there's the food, of late the smells of roasts in the evening and smells of crispy bacon in the morning. Then to put us to sleep there Shirley Bassey or Jimmy Bucket pumping out their finest to the accompaniment of very poor singing.

The weekend's over so quickly and those of us who have to work Mondays trudge back to base to hear the latest gossip at the Marina and those who are just plain lucky stay put and watch the rest of us trudge sadly home.

Stephen Smith.
"Banyanda 11"