Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Report - AGM 2004

Monday 30 August, 2004

At the conclusion of my second year as Commodore, we can look back with pride on many of the Clubs' achievements though perhaps a little disappointment at the lack of support shown for some of the events that we've held. But looking on the positive side we now have a record number of 70 boats on the register, which indicates we have some 140 members who feel they are gaining something from Club membership.

Having finished last financial year with 50 boats (100 members), this represents a significant increase that we can be very proud of, but along with the increase comes an increased workload for the Committee (Remember they're all doing it 'for fun'!!). My apologies to anyone who has felt 'left out', but with the difficulties of communicating with the increased membership, we have been forced to rely heavily on technology by resorting to the use of the somewhat impersonal "ABCC WebSite", supported by regular phone-arounds by your Committee..

The sheer logistics of creating, printing and posting a regular Club 'Newsletter' became a problem with our limited resources (notwithstanding the efforts of Trisha & Matthew Sheehan) and whilst the "ABCC WebSite" contains all the information that a 'Newsletter' would contain (in fact much more), it only works if you actually open it and read the contents. Intra-club communication is an issue that will be on the agenda for the new Club committee, suggestions from Club members are always welcome.

Club activities have been varied and in the main successful, the highlight of course being the Annual Beach Ball in February. This was not only a total sellout, but was just about a perfect event, held in perfect conditions at a private and perfect venue (ask anyone who was there, except maybe Janet Gardner!).

Other than that we have held three information nights in the Club room, the MGM Riviera Dinner Dance, our Christmas lunch at Il Piemonte, Australia Day on Refuge Beach, the Peat's Bite Pilgrimage. Then a surprising number of members attended the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, had a 'Club' dinner at Omeros Seafood Restaurant at Marina Mirage, then toured the Riviera Factory. It was disappointing that we could not get sufficient numbers for our Annual Golf day, nor were we able to muster support for the Harbour Cruise (which has since been changed to the AGM).

But let's also consider the friendships that have formed within the Club together with the informal get-togethers on the water over a drink or two and I guess we do have a pretty sound Club.

A couple of major achievements this year have been the fuel discount for Club Members available from the Marina, the acquisition of another Club mooring in America Bay and the upgrading of all 5 Club moorings.

Akuna Bay tenants will also be aware of a few issues at the Marina which have upset some members who have chosen to relocate to other marinas. Akuna Bay in the only Marina owned by Macquarie Leisure that has an organised group such as our Club in operation, as such they are interested in our opinions and welfare and consider the club as an asset to the Marina. Vice Commodore Harry and myself have a met with the Senior Management of Macquarie Leisure and believe that steps are being taken to significantly improve the situation. We will be following this issue closely.

The Committee has been reviewing our Club insurances, especially in view of the 5 Moorings that we own and maintain. There was a possibility of our Insurance Premiums increasing from $300 to almost $7,000 per annum, so Club Rules on the use of Club Moorings are being revised (nothing sinister, all common sense). With all ABCC membership renewals, we will now be requiring proof of insurance and a signed a disclaimer regarding the use of Club moorings.

As with any group, our Club is made possible for many, by the willing few who do the work behind the scenes. I sincerely thank the Committee of Frank & Janet (always there), Harry & Jill (brilliant support) Jackie (totally reliable), James (the naked chef), Rodney (Mr trivia) and Bob (when he's around). A very special thanks to my wife Jenny, for both her support on the Committee and for putting up with my time spent on Club business. Both David and Johanna resigned from the Committee early in the Club year, though their efforts to that time were appreciated.

If you believe you have something to offer to the Akuna Bay Cruising Club, please give consideration to joining the Committee at the AGM. With continuing enthusiasm and a few new faces we can then look forward to another great year, give me a call if you would like to discuss it further.

Keith Turner
Commodore 2003-2004
Akuna Bay Cruising Club Inc