Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message

Saturday 01 March, 2003

Well, what a great boating season so far!!

We've been blessed with good weather and good company so far, let's hope it continues into Autumn. The current rain spell is desperately overdue, and can only be good for Akuna Bay and all our waterways, fingers crossed that weather for Easter will present more great times for boating.

Since the last newsletter, Club Members have enjoyed a brilliant Christmas lunch at ll'Piemonte, where our host Peter once again excelled himself. We had a record roll-up of 52 members and friends and it was obvious that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the service and the venue. We'll be back next year Peter!!

An impromptu 'Australia Day' gathering on the beach at Refuge was a great but unplanned success. Jenny and I had a quick run around Refuge and America Bay late afternoon on Australia Day, ending up with about 30 members sharing a drinks and nibbles at twilight on the beach. What a great way to finish our national day!

And of course, most recently, the Beach Ball!! Another great success. Once again made possible by the support of Club Members and the enormous efforts of the Committee. A record number joined in our festivities and enjoyed the excellent food. We were very lucky to have Hallet's Beach to ourselves (the previous week there were two groups sharing the beach!).

The weather did make a feeble, but unsuccessful attempt to dampen our spirits though I don't think anybody even notices.

We even had a group of 20 hit the beach for a cooked breakfast on Sunday and to assist with the packing up. The beach ball is deservedly the highlight of the Club Calender, so make sure you're there next year, as it will be even better!!

Upcoming events include our "Boating Information" evening on Friday, March 7th, and our annual "Peat's Bite" lunch on Saturday, April 12th. Please make sure you book early if you want to join us for these events.

Thought for the Month. "What you get out of life is directly proportional to what you put into it" If you want to enjoy your boating even more and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, get more involved in the Club and its activities. It really works!!

A Warm Welcome to our New Members:

Kerry & Sue Halloran, "Strike 3" (Silverton 37)
Ken & Gayle Musgrove, "Tanami" (Kevlacat 32)
Eddy & Kerry Pitacco, "Geni" (Island Gypsy 32)
Phil & Di Ralph, "Bijou" (Precision 37)
Bob & Sue Skelton, "Mr Jackets" (Sunrunner 38)

See you on the water
Keith and Jenny.