Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Report for AGM - August 2009

Thursday 20 August, 2009

This report brings to a close the ABCC year for 2008-9 and another great year for the Club. We end the year with 130 members and 67 boats on the register. Of these 20 are new members and 12 new boats. We were successful in holding at least one event each month of an official club nature. There were many other unofficial club functions as well.
The Committee met each second month and I would like to thank them for their efforts during the year. Every member played a major part in organising the functions with each taking responsibility for taking the lead in a major event. Thanks to all.
As well as the social side of Club life there were two instructional events, namely a refresher First Aid / Resuscitation day as well as a coastal navigation course. These were well attended and provided worthwhile education. We are in the process of organising a sea rescue and survival course for September 2009. This will involve the equivalent of 4 half day sessions on aspects of survival at sea and will result in a recognised certificate. Other Committee functions are the servicing of moorings and facilities. We have also organised some great ABCC Polo shirts which are modelled on the web site. One of the other important Comittee activities is talking with the marina management about issues affecting Members and airing our views.
One Club benefit that is often overlooked is the maintenance of the "village" atmosphere that we try and foster. This includes such activities as welcoming new members, and lending a helping hand and support during times of personal stress, loss or hardship. During this year I have had the misfortune of having an ongoing medical issue and the support from the Club has been fantastic. I know of others who have been in similar situations and the Club has helped make a difficult time easier. Then there are the breakfasts and lunches and golf games and of course the "Monday Mafia". There are arm parties and just dropping in, simply a great atmosphere. Then there is the "bumping-into" members at boat shows in Sydney, or Sanctuary Cove. Not to mention the free advice and help when your pride and joy does not work or something goes wrong. Then there are the trips on someones boat - be it a sail on "Wilparina" or a trip up the river on "Sez-Am". Someone told me recently that one does not get to laugh so much as at a Club event.
Our club also made a presentation at the Cabarita marina to try and foster a club similar to that of our own. This seems to have worked although I think many of them wanted to join our club. A number of our members attended this event for a talk, and to be wined and dined by D'alboras.
As to the specific events for the year, in August we had the Navigation course and the resuscitation course. In September we held a dinner dance at Zak's on the Bay, October saw us travel to Iguana Joe's at Gosford for a "don't you know who I am" weekend. December saw us at Zak's upstairs for our Christmas dinner with many of the marina staff present. Marina management also helped with sponsorship of drinks and the Juke box. This was followed up with a traditional H arm party, which in turn was followed up by a hangover.
New Years Eve saw many of the Clubs boats head for the RMYC in Pittwater where 75 Club members and friends joined in the celebrations. Australia Day saw us head for Illawong Bay for some fun however it was so hot we packed up and headed for Akuna Bay and the air-conditioning. February was the month for the Beach Ball which was a great event and it didn't even rain this time. Decorations by Marcia were absolutely amazing. Thanks to Marcia for the decorations at events during the year. March was the Elvis night at Zak's on the Bay as well as a St Patrick 's Day breakfast at Zak's with a green theme. April was the month for Frank and Janet's Trivia night which saw us scrambling for answers. Peats Bite trip was in May this year. The June long weekend saw us visit Smith's Creek for a raft up - with a "P" theme. This event was freezing cold, and was attended by 18 Club boats, a success that will have to be repeated. If you didn't have fun that weekend then you never will. July was the month for our Christmas in July with some 72 Club members present for the event. The new café owners catered for the dinner which was fantastic. Some danced and "sang" until the next day.
The best way to get a feel for these events is to check the Cub's web site. The web site is maintained by Keith Turner who does a great job of this and I would like to thank him for the work that he does on this. He has organised the photos into a very usable and enjoyable format. Good one Keith.
One of the important aspects of the Club as mentioned above is the provision of moorings. We are about to change the rules for the use of the moorings which basically means that you will be able to raft up to 150ft of boat on a club mooring. Obviously if it is blowing a gale then you may need to tone that down but generally our moorings are good for this. For those who do not know we have two moorings in America's Bay, two in Refuge Bay near the waterfall and one at The Basin in Pittwater. See the web site for the location.
We are proposing to amend Rule 2 in the Constitution to include the following-

Club moorings are provided for the use of the members of the club. The combined loading on a club mooring is that there are to be no more that 150 Ft of combined boat length on a club mooring at any one time in calm conditions. There is a need to exercise judgment in windy conditions and reduce the loading (length) on the mooring as the wind freshens. Members using the mooring must be prepared to allow rafting up by other club boats in line with the maximum loading specification. Members must assist in rafting other members. Members must not use the moorings as a long term mooring and should not leave their boats unattended for long periods. A person must stay on the mooring during a raft-up to help prevent collisions with other vessels. The largest vessel should be in the centre of the raft-up and the mooring rope attached to that vessel. Club members must fly the club burgee as well as having a current club registration sticker permanently applied to the vessel. Member's vessels names are also available as per the Club's current Members Register.

Early in the year a club member and his family were subjected to some abuse by people "squatting" on a mooring. This unfortunate event is often repeated. The majority of people just simply move on but as we know there are others who will not move on. We pay for and maintain the moorings for our use and the rules are plain. I carried out some research and the rules in NSW are as follows.

Comments re the mooring of vessels. Common courtesy.

Our moorings are commercial moorings and are covered under those regulations. The mooring must be kept in good condition and serviced annually and it strongly recommended that this be carried out by a professional mooring contractor. In the case of the club's moorings this is always the case.

The mooring must be Orange or Red for clubs unless approved by NSW Maritime. (We will get these changed at the next service).

1. Number of vessels on a Mooring.
Although the regulations state that only one vessel is to be attached to a mooring at any one time, dispensation is given to clubs provided:-
" The loading is as per their constitution. [This will be 150 ft of boat length per mooring in our case].
" The mooring is constructed to meet the conditions of the constitution.
" There is always someone on board on a raft up to prevent collisions with another vessel/s.
" The mooring meets the regulations (serviced annually).

2. Unauthorised persons or vessels occupying a Club mooring.
Only approved vessels are able to secure to a private commercial/club mooring. Penalties apply for non conformance.

If a mooring is occupied by a non-club member then you are entitled to ask them to move on and point out the above in italics if required.
If they don't move you are then entitled to call NSW Maritime:-

Pittwater. (Basin).
Tel 02 99798055
Fax 02 99976628
Friday 8.30am 4.30pm
Saturday 8.30am to 4.30pm summer and 12.30 winter.

Hornsby. (America's Bay and Refuge).
Tel 02 94776600
Fax 02 94773418
Monday to Friday 8.30am .30pm.
4 Bridge Rd Hornsby.
P.O.Box 797 Hornsby 1630

Or on 131256 in the event that you cannot contact them on these numbers.
If they are on the water they will respond to a call on channel 16.
If all else fails take the details of the incident or even better a photo and report
the incident to the local office as outlined above.

This is my final year as Commodore of the Club. After four years I am handing over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the club and the committee for their support of the club during my time as Commodore. Harry Nicol once told me that this is the best social club in Sydney. He is right and I hope that I have been able to continue that tradition.

Happy boating.

Stephen Smith
Commodore 2008/9