Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - March 2009

Tuesday 24 March, 2009

Well I guess it's a sign that summer is coming to close when we wake up and it's dark at 6.00am, but what a summer it has been for boating. We have enjoyed our boat and our friends over the summer months, and the weather has been particularly good for sailing.

The Club has held many activities during the summer, all of which are covered elsewhere on the WebSite and make interesting reading. The photo gallery in particular brings back many memories of the fun times we've had. The Club organises many activities and I've never been to one that I have not enjoyed.

As a part of the trip to the harbour in February for Chinese New Year and the Dragon Boat races, about 10 members visited the Cabarita Marina for drinks and to meet with the d'Albora customers there. We were invited by Marina management to visit them to encourage them to set up a club like ours. It seems that d'Albora Management think our Club is as a great asset to Akuna Bay Marina. I gave a talk along with Vice Commodore Kim Murray, during which we had to describe our Club, our activities, members and friends.
Following is an excerpt from our slide show which I thought described it all pretty well.

* The Akuna Bay Cruising Club is based at d'Albora Marina, Akuna Bay in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Whilst the majority of our members have boats berthed at Akuna Bay, this is not essential to Club Membership.
* The Club currently has over 70 boats, representing about 135 members, who are able to enjoy a range of social functions both on and off the water.
* We hold a social function at least every month.
* We hold at least one instructional course every 12 months covering a range of topics including:

First aid.
Radio operators licence.
Basic Navigation.
We hold a refresher resuscitation course each year,with the intention to keep the first aid up to date.
The club owns and maintains two moorings in America bay, two in Refuge bay and one at the Basin in Pittwater.

* Members also receive a discount for fuel from the marina.
* We have a club room where we hold our functions and meetings.
* We have boatload of fun.

As a result we all have the best of friends.
- Some can cook.
- Some can fibreglass.
- Some are very social.
- Some can fix stuff.
- Some are actually very good at boating.
- Some can climb masts.
- Some you see at breakfast on Saturdays.
- Some you see for lunch on Mondays.
- Some can even row boats.
- Some can actually sail a real boat.
- Some are there on Friday evenings when they have had enough of the work week.
- Some can help you start boating.
- All are very special.

The events that have been held by the club over summer include:-
* The Marina function followed by the Christmas party at Zak's upstairs.
* The New Years Eve sail-away attended by over 60 of us and 15 boats at the RMYC.
* Australia day at Illawong bay that can best be described as "Bloody Hot".
* The Chinese New Year cruise down to the harbour.
* The Beach Ball held at Hallett's Beach, where about 60 members, friends and guests descended on to the beach for this great event. Marcia and her band of helpers transformed the beach into a tropical resort. Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations and thanks to all, especially Marcia for the best Beach ball ever according us all, including those who have been around a lot longer than us. It was a most memorable night. I had some friends down from Emerald (Central, Queensland) and they were at first apprehensive when we said what we were going to be doing for the weekend. They were absolutely amazed, and I guess they will be looking at the WebSite as a memento.

I hope you have all enjoyed the Club and our events over the summer. Hang on for more in the months to come.

On a more serious note we had two reports of people using our moorings and being abusive and sticky. This occurred over the Christmas, New Year break, and led me to check with Waterways about the legalities and workings of our moorings. The following is a summary of those discussions.

Comments re the mooring of vessels (Common courtesy).

Our moorings are commercial moorings and are covered under those regulations. The mooring must be kept in good condition and serviced annually and it strongly recommended that this be carried by a professional mooring contractor.

The mooring must be Orange or Red for clubs unless approved by NSW Maritime. (We should get these changed at the next service).

1. Number of vessels on a Mooring.
Although the regulations state that only one vessel is to be attached to a mooring at any one time, dispensation is given to clubs provided:-
The loading is as per their constitution.
The mooring is constructed to meet the conditions of the constitution.
There is always someone on board when rafting up to prevent collisions with another vessel/s.
The mooring meets the regulations and are serviced annually (ours always are).

Unauthorised persons or vessels occupying a Club mooring.
Only approved vessels are able to secure to a private commercial/club mooring. Penalties apply for non-conformance.
If a mooring is occupied by a non Club Member then you are entitled to ask them to move on and point out the above.

If they don't move you are then entitled to call NSW Maritime:-

Pittwater. (Basin).
Tel 02 99798055
Fax 02 99976628
Friday 8.30am 4.30pm
Saturday 8.30am to 4.30pm summer and 12.30 winter

Hornsby. (America's Bay and Refuge).
Tel 02 94776600
Fax 02 94773418
Monday to Friday 8.30am .30pm.
4 Bridge Rd Hornsby.
P.O.Box 797 Hornsby 1630

Or phone 131256 in the event that you cannot contact them on these numbers.
If they are on the water they will respond to a call on channel 16.
If all else fails take the details of the incident or even better a photo and report
the incident to the local office as outlined above.

Until next time, enjoy your boating, have fun and stay safe.

Stephen Smith
Commodore 2008-2009