Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - November 2007

Tuesday 20 November, 2007

The Long weekend trip to the harbour was pretty windy for the most but great for sailboats (See separate news report). Our new member's weekend was very well attended with a dinner dance on Friday night with the new caterer cooking for us and the "Pop Rivets" singing for us along with special guest Elvis. Saturday afternoon on Refuge Beach was one of those early summer afternoons that will stay with us for ever. With crews from many of the boats in the bay joining us to listen to Elvis singing, a few good yarns, a few ales and good company. Certainly a weekend to remember.
Some of the fit and brave hiked to the top of the mountain on Sunday to get a photo for the photo album on the web site. Click on the 'news' link to see the photos and stories.

We have our Christmas Lunch coming up on the 15th December at Il Piemonte. Check 'coming events' for more details. We no doubt will have a party or two on the marina over the remainder of the evening and the Sunday, don't wait to be asked just come along, BYO and join in.

Apart from all of that many of the club members will be out and about over the break and will be around for New Year. Look for the burgees or call on channel 69 for other ABCC Members.

We are often asked why we don't organise a New Years Eve function. Traditionally the attendance is very poor and we have suffered financial losses and waste of our time. We do however get together on an impromptu basis arranged at the time. Keep your ear to the ground and an eye on the WebSite for further information.

It probably goes with out saying however to please take care on the water over the coming season. The number of tragedies that occur don't need to be added to. Kim and I spend a lot of time on the water and can't believe the antics of some people. We have rescued people who have run out of fuel and not checked the forecast, have been abused by people who don't know the rules themselves, witnessed a death of a young bloke relieving himself off the back of a boat, falling in, hitting his head and gone. Remember that the rules for drink skippering are the same as for a car. It is also a good time to check the boat for the safety equipment and condition of the vitals.

If you are a club member remember that the maximum number of boats on a mooring is three and that you must allow other club member(s) raft up with you. Please report any damage you observe or accidentally cause to our facilities, so we can promptly organise repairs. Our facilities are maintained to the highest standard, however accidental or deliberate damage is something we cannot plan for.

If you need some help with your seamanship such as radio, rafting up or just plain boat handling, talk to a club member who will arrange for help.

Two years ago a number of us completed a radio course as part of the clubs activity. There were comments then that the number of rescue services (Coast Guard, Radio Sydney, SES, Coastal Patrol, etc) that were up and down the coast led to confusion as to who to contact. On a recent trip to Port Stephens we met up with a radio operator who informed us of a change to procedures, in that you should call VMR (Port of call). That way all of the rescue services in the vicinity will monitor the call and one of them will call back on some form of roster. So say you are heading north to Newcastle you call VMR Newcastle. VMR stands for Volunteer Marine Rescue.

Speaking of Newcastle, the Royal Newcastle Yacht Club Marina in the main harbour next to the dry dock is worth a visit. Good clean Facilities, Shops in walking distance, pub with good food across the road. Call the Royal Newcastle Yacht Club for bookings.

There are a few members who are interested in travelling in company up to Port Stephens over the break. If you contact me I will put you in contact with those others interested, I may even go up myself. Ring me during the week on 0419 482479 or on the weekend boat phone 0149 482471, alternately radio "Wilparina" on VHF channel 69 if you see us out on the water.

Safe Boating

Commodore Stephen Smith & Kim