Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message

Saturday 01 November, 2003

Annual General Meeting 24th August 2003
Commodore's Report

When I somewhat reluctantly took the reigns from Commodore David 12 months ago, I was well aware of the efforts that David & Carol had put into the Club for the previous two years. The results of their efforts were obvious, the Club had prospered, with increased membership and enthusiasm, largely as a result of an excellent range of boating and social activities they had organised. To take on a Club in such good shape was a privilege, thank you David & Carol.

Now let's look at what's happened since then.......
We've seen another significant jump in membership and now have 50 boats on the club register, but more importantly, we've had excellent attendance at almost every Club function indicating that we're filling a significant need for a lot of our members.

In briefly summarising the year, we can look back with satisfaction on some new initiatives, such as our Seafood Lunch at Patonga Seafood Restaurant, our impromptu "Australia Day Sunset Cocktails" on the beach at Refuge. The Queen's Birthday Weekend on Sydney Harbour also proved an interesting experience, with 8 Club boats making the journey. Our second Annual Golf Day saw 15 players (and another 15 stayers) enjoy 18 holes at Gordon Golf Course followed by some "Southern Hospitality" with a barbeque at Barry and Marcia's home.

Then there were the old favourites, such as the Club's "Christmas Lunch" at Il Piemonte with 52 members and friends enjoying the food and atmosphere, the "Beach Ball" at Hallett's Beach, an outstanding success, with record numbers despite the less than perfect weather. "Peat's Bite" once again turned on a beautiful lunch for us, with about 13 boats overnighting on the marina for a sensational weekend. The "3801 Yuletide Lunch" reached new heights for decadence with 40 of us enjoying the exclusive use and luxury of the special CPJ Lounge car.

We also managed to throw in some education, with three "Information Nights", including a very special talk and demonstration by RFD on marine safety (sadly, not well attended by members). Another by Michael Chapman of the Boat Owners Association, which provided a frightening insight into the beaurocratic nightmare often associated with our chosen recreation. It is in all of our interests to become members of the BOA. Finally, no year would be complete without the boating experiences shared during a visit from our 'almost a member' Leif Albertson who entertained and educated us again in his usual laid back style.

Another big plus for Club communication has been the introduction of the ABCC Web Site, (www.akunabay.org), which has been brilliantly engineered by our own Peter Firminger. My apologies to Peter and members for not yet having come to grips with the mechanics of updating the site data, a project to be tackled very soon. The intention is to ultimately direct most Club communication through the Web Site, though not at the expense of the "technically challenged", who will still be updated by mail.

On top of all the fun and education we've had, D'Albora Marinas (through Manager, Gus Pallett), are now providing a significant discount on fuel to all ABCC Members. In fact so significant, you may even cover your membership fees with the saving you make on fuel.

And as a final bonus, the Club now has a new Mooring in America Bay, giving Club members a total of 5 moorings to choose from. (2 in Refuge Bay, 2 in America Bay and 1 at The Basin).

Whilst it's not been an easy job, it has been very rewarding for both Jenny and myself, we've made some great friends and had a lot of fun. None of which would have been possible without the support of the Committee and the membership. It's sharing the enjoyment that makes it all worthwhile and it sure has been worthwhile.

A big thanks to all of you for helping to make this Club so much fun.

Keith & Jenny