Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - June 2007

Monday 18 June, 2007

Well we have had some very good club events and some that have been washed out. I missed Peat's Bite due to work commitments overseas, however those who went all had a good time. The Easter event was unfortunately washed out, so the Easter bunny was thwarted in his attempt to bring a little joy to those in attendance.

Janet and Frank held another very successful Trivia Night at the club house on a cool Friday evening. The event was well attended and a good time had by all. The usual winners the Smiths and the Murrays were well and truly trounced, not good. However many laughs made up for that. For those members who have not been to a Trivia Night, it is good way to meet and get to know others in our Club. We had some new members turn up for the night and they were in part responsible for the surprise result. Thanks to Frank and Janet for the many hours of work that they put into the evening, and to those who turned up and beat us, be warned you will be hard pressed to beat us next time.

Our planned trip to the harbour for the long weekend was a washout which was a shame. Those who had indicated that they would be going were all hyped up about the event and many had decided in advance to take the day off on the Friday to make a long weekend even longer. Instead we did all the usual things you do on a wet and miserable day, hair cuts, blood tests and even a trip to Whitworths to buy stuff we really didn't really need. Once the afternoon arrived we all congregated at the marina and had a party anyway, thanks to the Southerns for hosting us yet again.
Some of the brave went out on Banyandah II on the Sunday to look at the waterfalls and ended up with a load of wood trying to clear the waterway. We gave up as there was way too much debris from the rains. Dennis and Milan and their familles were braving it out in refuge bay, were even collecting pumpkins that had floated in. These were reported missing from Wiseman's Ferry on the Friday night during the flooding rain and had reached Refuge by Sunday. Taking our boat out was not a good move as you could hear wood and submerged objects hitting the hull and keel, unseen in the dark murky water. In any case the weekend was not entirely a washout as we still managed to enjoy ourselves, get some boating in and watch a DVD or two.
Good fun this boating life !!!

Kim and I were reflecting the other day that although we have been at Akuna Bay Marina Bay now for nearly six years there have been very few times when we could not use the boat. There was one other day at a past AGM where we had huge destructive winds, then one or two days during the summer before last that were so hot that we went home. Then of course, there has been the last two weekends. Even though we went down over the long weekend (we had no power at home for Saturday through to midnight Monday anyway) the weekend of the 16th and 17th would have been one of the only ones where we decided we would not go out due to the cold and wet.
I guess that during droughts we have good boating weather. We are blessed to be living in such a great part of the world with great waterways and fantastic friends to enjoy it all with.

We have been talking with the Marina management about the state of the maintenance of some of the arms and they are assuring us that they will catch up quickly. We also made complaints about some of the derelict boats that are an eyesore. We note that some have now been removed. The issue of the long term situation at the marina is still up in the air with the negotiations with Parks and Wildlife seemingly getting nowhere. The water pipes are another concern with one of the maintenance people putting the wrong pressure reducing valve on the system and thus blowing up many of the pipes. I noted that many of the installed pipes that have blown are not pressure pipes.

The much vaunted Telstra NextG system also does not seem to work at all times. We will continue to talk with them.

We have an important event coming up in the first aid course. I am quite concerned about this issue following a few events that I have been involved with on the water and off it. I had the occasion to be sharing an anchorage in Croatia last year with a boat who had a crew member drown. He fell and hit his head whilst doing the man thing off the back of his boat during the dark hours. Whilst we could not have done anything about that incident, it did raise my awareness about being in remote locations with very few people about and in some cases just two. The second incident was at my company's sales conference recently where a stranger to us had been bashed and left for dead. His injuries were very consistent with a fall down decks, rocks and under say a propeller. The hospital and the ambulance (who took 20 mins to get there in a major country city much less out on the water) assured that he would have lost his life it had not been for one of our Sales Managers. Her knowledge of First Aid saved the guys life. We need to be able to attend to illness accident and emergency and I urge you to attend this important session.
See "coming events" for more details.

Finally our committee have been working very hard to organise Christmas in July. We have organised a band and, hired the restaurant upstairs, hired some well respected caterers and now we need a crowd. Please come along and bring some friends, it will be a good night and we hope to make the once lively restaurant alive and bopping again.
See "coming events" for more details.

See you there.

Stephen Smith