Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - February 2007

Thursday 01 March, 2007

Well our 2007 year is in full swing with some very good events having been organised. The Australia day celebration was held at Hungry beach in what is best described as extremely hot and sunny conditions. We invited a family that was on the beach with us to join in especially their very young children who were a bit faster between the stumps than most of us. It was good to see Club members decorating their boats and their bodies then playing homage to that great Australian sport cricket. All this right on the end of the winning ashes series by Australia.

Then there was the Beach Ball and the preceding evening at Akuna bay. All these events reinforcing to me that this club is one of the best social clubs around. There are many events organised and these are posted on the web site.

One that is not as yet posted is a First Aid Course that will be held on the Saturday of the long week end. We will advise of the details of this as soon as they can be finalised. This will be run by the Surf Life Saving association with proceeds helping their cause. The course will need to be paid for by members (again we will advise the details later). The course will involve some preliminary work, followed by a day of instruction, and will result in the participants being awarded a recognised First Aid Certificate.
Our committee feels that this activity is very important as we all know the dangers and risks which can be associated with our activities. The life that may be saved could be yours, your spouses your child or even a stranger. Please consider attending.

We are also trying to organise a Coastal Navigation course for those who are interested. This will be during the winter months and we currently trying to locate a suitable person to act as instructor.

We currntly have about 60 boats on the Club register (120 members), with several new members having joined during the year.
Please, if you are a new member come and join in our events, they are great fun.
If you are an existing member, but haven't yet involved yourself in the Club activities, please come and join in.
There is a list of members and committee on the web site feel free to come and have a chat with us we are there most weekends.

Thankfully so far this year we have had no damage to our moorings although it amazes me that we don't suffer more damage when you see some of the antics of some who are on the water way. The worst are the hire boats who don't realise that you can go slowly. Please report to us anyone who you see misusing the clubs facilities.

It is rumoured that Marina management are close to resolving the long running issue of the lease. Once this is finalised they are telling us that reconstruction can start quite quickly, we hope so give that two people have fallen through walk ways.

If you feel you need some help with using your boat with issues such as parking, anchoring, rafting up or just advice please talk to the committee members we should be able to guide you to the right person or may even be able to help our selves.

Stephen Smith