Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - November 2006

Monday 06 November, 2006

Well the season is off to a start with the weather not being so kind to us. This past weekend was one where I think our yacht Banyanda II was the only one out. With rain and squalls about we were crazy to be out. Banyandah II has seen some pretty bad weather lately with us being caught out with some of my customers during that big Southerly squall a few weeks ago.

We've held two club events so far the first being the trip to the harbor on the long week end. There is a report on this on the web site. The other event was some social gatherings for the Akuna Bay big boat show. For this we had an arm party on G arm behind Banyandah II followed by a BBQ and a meal in the new restaurant. About 20 members participated in a nice balmy afternoon and evening. The restaurant is open quite often on Friday nights and weekends. Many of the members have eaten there and I have not heard a bad word in fact the comments have been very complimentary. The meal we all shared up there as a club was very good as was the company and the conversation.

The next event for the club is the New (and existing) members day on the 17th and 18th November. See the web site for details. Basically it is a BBQ on Friday night and a day of fellowship fun and instruction on the Saturday followed by a raft up in America's bay. Please phone Kim Murray 0408 899591 or Stephen Smith 0419 482479.

Some of our members are starting the season with new boats and some are having renovations done. So the marine industry seems to be busy, just try and get some work carried out.

There have been some issues with the level of security with members reporting stolen property as well as reports of people snooping around. If you have problems along these lines please raise it with a committee member. We have been in discussion with management about the poor level of service. It appears that they are negotiating a new contract and with other providers.

The other issue being discussed with Managements is the state of the marina. It is as we know very run down. As late as last weekend one of the marina customers fell through the walk way on G arm and was taken to hospital by ambulance. We have been talking with Management about the plans for the marina and are attempting to keep up to date. There are discussions between Parks and Wildlife and Macquarie on the redevelopment. I will keep you posted on progress.

With renewals now due please make sure you send in your insurance details. For Club Marine Members a photo copy of your plastic card will suffice. We need this insurance as a criterion for membership as it is a condition of our incorporation and operation of the moorings. Please make sure you send the details with your applications.

Following the New (and existing members) day on the 17th and 18th the next club function is the Christmas party on the 2nd December at Il Piemonte followed by fellowship at the marina. We will be calling for places in two weeks.

Stephen Smith
Commodore Akuna Bay Cruising Club.