Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message - August 2006

Saturday 12 August, 2006

Well we have completed another very successful year for the Club. We have 62 boats on the register and 120 members/partners. The Club has been very active with both organised and "spur of the moment" events. We have had thirteen new members who have joined in with the Club's events and many new friendships formed, and one old member has also returned to the Club.

As well as the social side there are other activities the Club undertakes that need to be highlighted. The Club's moorings are a major asset that we all use and depend on the keep our vessels ourselves and our guests safe. These moorings are kept maintained to a very high standard by the Club through a sub contractor. The moorings are serviced at least every 12 months and if damaged they are checked and repaired. What we do ask is that any damage is reported so that we can have repairs affected. If you notice people misusing our moorings then please take the vessel number and report the offender.

Other activities include talking with the marina management covering aspects such as the future of the marina and the service levels of the marina, insurance and other official duties and corporate responsibilities of the Club.

Our social year started with the AGM last year. What a day, one of those perfect days on the water. We then had our first Trivia night, brilliantly organised by Janet and Frank Gardner. Those present had the best laugh what with Pluto and Uranus's lining up. During November Mike Gaffikin held a night for the Club and other boat friendly people. The night was complete with entertainment and catering. Those attending had a great night.

Our Christmas party was held at the RMYC with many members attending. Some members traveled by boat and stayed for the weekend taking in the excellent facilities of the RMYC. Elvis even made an appearance and entertained us, with one member even scoring his scarf. Many members of our Club joined the RMYC as a result of the weekend. The Club hosted the Christmas party and did so in fine fashion. I took Banyandah II to the event capably crewed by Margaret and Rob McCann. They even enjoyed it.

A small group of Club members joined others from the public at the Akuna Restaurant for a new year's celebration. The catering was carried out by As You Like It catering. The food was great as was the company.

Australia Day was a new event for the year with members gathering on Gunyah beach for a day of nautical adventure. The boats were all decorated in Australia Day colors, with Frank and Julie taking the day on the decorating front. The damper making completion saw us enjoying damper safe in the knowledge that our country's bakers are mostly safe. Then there was the boomerang throwing completion where the boomerang went back so far that it disappeared into the bush behind the thrower! A great day completed with Barry and Marcia digging up the beach with their "Riv" in shallow water. We completed the weekend with a dinner party on the boats in America's Bay.

As part of the Club's ideals we seek contact with other clubs. To further this cause we visited with the RMYC Cruising Club who were very accommodating providing us with a good opportunity to chat and have a meal. Their Cruising Club really is group within their ranks looking after power boats and involved in activities such as timing trials. Thanks particularly to Mike McLaren who championed this event.

Then there was the mighty annual event - THE Beach Ball on Hallett's beach. The beach was, as usual, covered with tents, lights and fantastic decorations. The meal was catered for by As You Like It Catering and was a really great meal. There was music, lights and prizes as well as a very heavy rainstorm right in the middle of the main meal. This event continues to be a very popular and fun event. The Club has a very good formula in running this event. All members in attendance helped with all the chores in setting up and taking down the tents, tables and food. The bay off Hallett's just looks fantastic with all those lovely Club boats anchored off the beach.

The next official Club event was a cruise and afternoon of food, entertainment, fine wine and great company at Peat's Bite. Many new members came along. For some it was the first opportunity to have to anchor out and, as usual in such circumstances, found many friends with helpful advice. Unfortunately due to there being a wedding organised for the same day they wanted the room in the bay so most of the members had to up anchor and move back to Refuge and America Bay. We traveled with the Southern's on Eagle as Banyandah II will not fit under the many bridges, so for us it was a great opportunity to have a drive of a big Riv. Thanks Barry and Marcia.

Somewhere in there we had two nights at the Akuna Café on Friday nights. The first of these was a bit of a surprise for the staff as most of us forgot to let them know that we were coming as had been requested. The second evening was held on the long weekend in June with about 25 members and guests lining up on a pretty cold, dull and rainy night for a very nice evening. The next day we traveled up to Brisbane waters led by Mike Gaffikin. The plan was for a number of boats to go and meet up with some new members who live up that way. The atrocious weather made most think twice and many pulled out of the event. The souls brave enough to confront the conditions crowding into three boats for the journey. We braved it with Mike and Wendy McLaren taking us and our friends in the rain. It really was entertaining traveling in the rain. Thanks to Mike and Wendy.

The next event was the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. A number of members made the journey with two members buying boats at the event. By all accounts it was a very successful boat show. Our members attended and helped boost the Gold coast economy by staying and dining. I also gather that many met up and enjoyed each others company over ale and a wine.

During July the Club attended the opening of the new Function Centre at the marina. The new kitchen was supposed to be ready for the opening, however it seems - for whatever reason - it was not. Not to worry - the function was a success with about 120 people turning up. For a new venture they made a pretty fair fist of the whole thing which was conducted like a function, probably as practice. The décor of the place is fantastic.

On the 28th of July we held another trivia night. With 30 members turning up Janet and Frank conducted the event with their usual fun and flair. Many new and some prospective members turned up and had a great night. The competition was quite fierce, with as many referee's incursions as a professional rugby game. Frank and Janet are gems at this event. The winners again were the Harley Bears (the defending champions) by a reasonable margin. A fun night.

As well as the organised events mentioned above there were many gatherings on the water, at the marina and in our favorite bays where members gathered and talked, and enjoyed our boats. Many a roast, drink and happy hour was shared with friends. As member Harry Nicol told us once the ABCC is the best social club in Sydney, I tend to agree.

Finally in my message I would like to thank the committee which has done a good job for the Club and for me. I have particularly strong work commitments and rely on the committee to do their stuff, well done and thanks.

Happy Boating.
Stephen Smith.
Commodore ABCC