Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Commodore's Message

Sunday 01 December, 2002

Well here we are again, into the boating season, with Christmas only a few days away. It seems to come a little earlier each year as we get older. It just sneaks up on us, seemingly without ever giving us sufficient warning.

With so much unpleasantness going on around the world at the moment, we have all been taken out of our comfort zone in some way or another, and in many ways the world will never be the same. All the more reason to value what we have in this great country of ours, and in particular, to not take for granted the facilities available to us on our waterways. I know that I for one consider myself blessed, to be able to enjoy boating and all its associated pleasures (and I guess a few pains now and then!).

Unfortunately some members have not renewed their Membership this year, but we have already gained a few new members, so club numbers are still looking good. We warmly welcome the following new members, and hope they enjoy the fellowship and activities we provide:

Colin & Janet Barden (Sapphire)
Shane & Christine Bentley (Dalmar)
Scott & Robyn Blakeman (Deranged)
Barry Crook & Johanna Johns (Harold Arthur)
Brian & Tuni Getty (Toy-Yot)

To date the club has only had two events, and whilst the numbers attending were down, both events proved very successful. Unfortunately the "Pimps & Prostitutes" raft-up evening didn't quite happen due to the unpleasant weather that afternoon, which resulted in an impromptu dinner at "Kahuna's" for those not prepared to brave the elements. Special mention must go to Past Commmodore David & Lady Carol, who took the mooring in Refuge and ended up playing "Pimp & Prostitute" on their own (but we are assured they had a lot of fun!).

Friday night November 8th, we had John Ferris from RFD give us a very informative talk and demonstration of Marine Safety equipment, including the activation of an emergency Life Raft.

The members present all agreed that it was a most relevant and interesting evening, which provided a fascinating insight into a topic which is important to all of us who use the waterways.

Sunday November 10th, then saw us venture by boat to Patonga Seafood Restaurant, where 20 of us enjoyed a wonderful seafood meal with some great company. Frank Nolan provided some mid-meal entertainment, as his anchor started dragging in the strong southerly wind, and "Take Charge" headed for the beach. Fortunately, with the capable assistance of Peter Firminger they were able to retrieve and re-anchor successfully between the main course and dessert.

Please feel free to call myself or any of the Committee at any time, if there are any issues you believe the Club should address. Alternately you may have some ideas that may benefit the Club, if so please share them with us, as we're all here to enjoy ourselves and learn a little more about boating. Your comments and contributions would be welcomed.

In closing, on behalf of your Committee, I extend our warm best wishes for the festive season, and trust that the troubles of the world can be replaced with love and joy, at least for a short while.

See you on the water
Keith and Jenny.