Akuna Bay Cruising Club

Club Moorings

The Akuna Bay Cruising Club Inc owns and maintains 7 moorings for the exclusive use of financial members. Their locations are shown on the updated maps available under the "Membership" section and each mooring buoy is clearly marked "ABCC - members only".

These are available for the use of all Club members, who are entitled to ask non-members to vacate the moorings.

Following is the Club Rule regarding the use of Club Moorings, please be aware of your obligation as a Club Member to abide by these rules.

2.1 Club moorings are for the communal use of financial club members.
2.1A Club members must be the owner of a current registered vessel by NSW Waterways and the vessel must be comprehensively insured to the satisfaction of the club's committee.
2.1B Club Members shall do all such lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the safe use and quiet enjoyment of the club's commercial moorings.
2.2 The combined loading on a club mooring is that there are to be no more than 150 Ft of combined boat length on a club mooring at any one time in calm conditions. There is a need to exercise judgment in windy conditions and reduce the loading (length) on the mooring as the wind freshens. Members using the mooring must be prepared to allow rafting up by other club boats in line with the maximum loading specification. Members must assist in rafting other members. Members must not use the moorings as a long term mooring and should not leave their boats unattended for long periods. A person must stay on the mooring during a raft-up to help prevent collisions with other vessels. The largest vessel should be in the centre of the raft-up and the mooring rope attached to that vessel. Club members must fly the club burgee as well as having a current club registration sticker permanently applied to the vessel. Member's vessels names are also available as per the Club's current Members Register.
2.3 No Club Member shall refuse other Members the right to raft up on the Club Moorings, providing:
(i) Approaching boat is flying the club burgee.
(ii) Approaching boat is under proper control.
(iii) Approaching boat has sufficient fenders for protection.
(iv) The number of boats will not exceed that indicated under Rule 2.2.
(v) The vessel master of the vessel on the mooring to be secured to, has permitted a raft up with due consideration for all aspects of safety of his and each vessel and all persons of all vessels on the mooring
(vi) The largest vessel (in length.) should be the vessel secured to the mooring.
(vii) The Waterways Authority by allowing Clubs to participate in the rafting up scheme advises that it does not accept responsibility for any injury or damage caused to persons, vessels or property as a result of rafting up on commercial, i.e. club moorings.
(viii) An adult person must be available and capable of moving any vessel at all times if required.
2.4 Members are not permitted to leave their boats unattended on any club mooring for long periods without having fenders out in order to facilitate for other members to be able rafting up, particularly during holiday periods, and with due consideration to all issues of safety.
2.5 The club moorings should be serviced annually, but not withstanding the club accepts no liability for any damage sustained by vessels using these moorings, be it Club Members or others.
2.6 All club members using the club's moorings, either alone or as part of a raft-up are "mooring licensees" who must comply with all safety, noise and sanitation conditions and ensure responsible personal behaviour of all persons on their vessels at all times. Members should be aware that failure to comply, constitutes a breach of clause 48-1 of the Management of Waters and Waterside Lands Regulation NSW, and renders the mooring licensee to a court-imposed penalty of up to $1,500-00 and the Authority may also exclude the mooring licensee from participating in rafting scheme.

Map 1

ABCC Moorings Map 1 © ABCC

Map 2

ABCC Moorings Map 2 © ABCC